I'm a freelance software developer and consultant with 10+ years of experience working with Ruby on Rails.

I'm based in Madrid, Spain and I'm an active member of the Spanish Ruby community. I was also a member of the organizing team for Conferencia Rails in 2007 and 2008.

My commercial experience developing Rails applications includes corporate websites, social networks, workshop registration management apps, internal data gathering apps, invoicing apps, job boards and integrations with 3rd party systems.

I help businesses and organizations reduce costs by automating repetitive processes and centralizing information workflows.

Ruby on Rails development

I can help you or your development team with your Rails application development, whether it's starting a new project or adding functionality to an existing application. I have experience with all versions of Ruby on Rails.

Rails applications maintenance

Do you have an application that's running fine but needs the occasional tweak, new feature or bugfix? One-off or monthly plans. Get in touch.

Training and mentoring

Weekly or monthly sessions of personalized training and mentoring to help your development team improve their skills and be more productive.

Server setup for Rails applications

Have you developed your application and now need to release it to the world but you don't have enought experience on server setup and administration? Or maybe you have your application running on an old server and now nobody remembers how it was setup, and you are afraid to touch anything in case it breaks. I can help you update your current setup or set up a new server with documented procedures and automation tools so it's easy to replicate and update.

Application diagnostic and review

If you are not sure what's the next best step for your application, you can start by getting a report on what are the more problematic areas and how could they be improved, always having in mind what makes sense for your business and which improvements will have the better return on investment.